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Tillis on Fox

Tillis On Fox & Friends: Hagan’s Cocktail Fundraiser “An Example Of Her Misplaced Priorities”
Cornelius, N.C. - Thom Tillis was on “Fox & Friends” this morning and discussed Sen. Kay Hagan’s inexplicable decision to skip a […]

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Auction Donation Agreement Form

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October 22 Luncheon

We have an exciting October Luncheon. . .come meet our candidates. . .some of the candidates and speakers attending will be Senator Robert Rucho, Representative Charles Jeter, Representative Bill Brawley, Commissioner Dan Bishop, Commissioner Jim Puckett, Emily […]

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Early Voting October 23-Nov. 1

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Please go to these websites for more news which is not covered by mainstream news outlets, but is crucial for Americans to know:







There are many other websites which provide conservative Americans with excellent, wide-ranging coverage of the issues.
PJMedia.com has an excellent list of more news sources on their main page, that could also be referenced.

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Obama Talks Up Jobs Numbers

Myths and Realities If you take 500 apple pies and cut them in half, you end up with 1000 pieces of pie. Can you now say that you have more pie? Obviously not. How […]

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Excellent Guest Speakers

We bring you some of the best speakers available to cover a range of conservative topics.

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Obama “Deeply Disappointed”

The US Supreme Court today limited a president’s power to make recess appointments when the White House and the Senate are controlled by opposite parties, scaling back a presidential authority as old as the […]

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