CMRW Annual Membership


Come Join Us & BE CMRW!

By joining as a member, attending events, and making financial contributions, you have a positive impact on our efforts to get Republicans elected – and you get this free commemorative mug as a thank-you. Your support helps CMRW donate to candidates, host dynamic speakers, and continue to engage with the community to promote our conservative values and ensure that our Republic continues to thrive for years to come.

Members joining after September 1st of each year will receive a membership for the remainder of the current year and the next year.*
Dues are $50.00 per year and are payable in advance by December 31 of each year.

*Your information is private and only used for CMRW reporting to the State Board of Elections. The state of North Carolina Board of Elections requires all political organizations to collect this information on any contribution or membership fee.