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August Luncheon Speaker — Come Hear Your Congressman, Robert Pittenger

The man who would be king

By Robert Pittenger

As President Barack Obama once again announced his intention to bypass Congress and govern through executive order — this time with Monday’s announcement on immigration – history will ask, is […]

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Hello CMRW!

Welcome Ladies.

The new site is open for business.  We would love to have some feedback, after all it is your site! We welcome suggestions for content, pics for photo gallery, etc.




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Obama Talks Up Jobs Numbers

Myths and Realities If you take 500 apple pies and cut them in half, you end up with 1000 pieces of pie. Can you now say that you have more pie? Obviously not. How […]

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Politics Can Be Fun

Come join us. Meet old friends, make new ones, but most of all, make a difference.

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Excellent Guest Speakers

We bring you some of the best speakers available to cover a range of conservative topics.

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Obama “Deeply Disappointed”

The US Supreme Court today limited a president’s power to make recess appointments when the White House and the Senate are controlled by opposite parties, scaling back a presidential authority as old as the […]

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